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Clean and Polish

This is a violin that had lots of rosin that was stuck in the varnish of the top. Instruments that have rosin embedded into the varnish need to be cleaned a little at a time. It sometimes takes several weeks of careful cleaning to finally restore the varnish back to it's original transparent appearance.

IMG 20161215 155237 IMG 20161215 155237
IMG 20161215 155317 IMG 20161215 155317
IMG 20161226 IMG 20161226
IMG 20161226 111240 IMG 20161226 111240
IMG 20161226 111328 IMG 20161226 111328
IMG 20161226 111338 IMG 20161226 111338
IMG 20161226 111401 IMG 20161226 111401
IMG 20161226 111412 IMG 20161226 111412

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Cleaning a violin
# 1
Thursday, 07/20/2017
Bonita Makin
I have my dads violin that was purchased at your original LA store on Sunset Blvd. This violin has been played at various army camps during WWW2. Dad was very proud that he had served around the world and the violin went with him. I am wondering what I can do to clean the Rosen away from the bridge without damaging it.

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