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Callier Violin Shop: A Legacy of Master Craftsmanship in Hollywood and Pasadena

When Frank J Callier moved from San Antonio Texas to Hollywood Ca he opened the Callier Violin Shop at 5906 W. Sunset Blvd. He made about 300 violins and about 3,000 bows. On Sundays he came into the shop to carve Beethoven busts.


His son Paul Callier studied with Frank Callier and eventually opened his own shop in the Pasadena area. Paul's first shop was on 25 1/2 S. Fair Oaks just north of Green Street in Pasadena sometime around 1946. In August of 1971 he moved to 625 N. Los Robles and then sometime around 1979 to the current location at 50 E. Green Street in the Green Hotel. After his fathers death in 1971 Paul ran both shops.


I originally apprenticed with Paul in Pasadena but eventually I was working in Hollywood and then running the Hollywood shop. Sometime around 1984 I took over the shop and it was moved to 1438 N. Wilcox. I stayed on Wilcox until the property was sold in 2010. At around the same time Paul Callier decided to retire so I took over the Pasadena shop. I have made about 13 violins and several bows. Currently I am busy repairing violins, violas, cellos, basses and their bows.



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Tuesday, 12/18/2018
margaret chadwick

Just read this I'm a niece of Uncle Paul and Auntie Marjorie. Marjorie's sister Nellie W. daughter .

Nice to still see his work carrying on.


Margaret Chadwick

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