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Pocket Violin

The pocket violin that was made for Dave Rubinoff.

Callier-Records-707 Callier-Records-707
Callier-Records-667 Callier-Records-667
Callier-Records-880 Callier-Records-880
Callier-Records-806 Callier-Records-806
Callier-Records-819 Callier-Records-819
John Dubbs, Dave Rubinoff, Fritz Kreisler 1940 John Dubbs, Dave Rubinoff, Fritz Kreisler 1940
Callier-Records-817 Callier-Records-817

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Tuesday, 05/04/2021
Anne Rardin
Pochette or Violon de poche - meaning pocket in French. There is a famous Baroque-era violin used by "dance masters" called a pochette or a kit - an almost direct descendent of the Middle Eastern rebec. A passable description & some good photos click here. Usually their sound is quite small and a little strident.
Stradivarius even made one at least. (I bet his kit makes a good sound.) I saw a Stradivarius Pochette in the Musee de la Musique in Paris a few summers ago!

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