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Comments (23)
El Monte, CA ★★★★★
# 23
Saturday, 12/07/2019
Julie S.
My inexpensive violin was recommended for change of Bridge and change of string .
Thank you Craig for doing the job real quick in time for our church performance which i need it for practice everyday
Shafter, CA ★★★★★
# 22
Friday, 12/06/2019
Priscilla G.
Even though Guitar Center charges $35 to re-string a violin, I had it done here complimentary after I purchased strings for only $16. The gentlemen is very knowledgeable in violin stuff and offered helpful tuning tips as well.
Tujunga, CA ★★★★★
# 21
Saturday, 09/21/2019
Nan D.
I still have my high school violin from 50 years ago and needed a bow restringing. When I brought it in to Craig, he said he would check over my violin as well if I brought it in. He not only looked it over, but restrung it for me, gave me some peg dope and and spent time with me and didn't charge extra. Wow! What service and what a great price. You can feel the history surrounding you in his shop. Don't hesitate to bring your stringed instruments to Craig! By the way, I am using my wife's Yelp account.
Lawndale, CA ★★★★★
# 20
Tuesday, 09/17/2019
Lisa A.
Craig provides Wonderful, professional repairs and bow rehairs - at a very reasonable price!
(Yelp's price needs to be changed to "ONE $")
I recommend him highly!
San Marino, CA ★★★★★
# 19
Saturday, 09/14/2019
Ming C.
I need to fix my old 1/4 French cello which I bought it long while ago.
1/4 cello was in pretty bad shape,it had one big crack. It needs to have crack repair/glue!!
I did my google search and I found this repair shop in Pasadena.
Craig was very friendly,knowledgeable and also patient .
Most importantly,I am very impressed by his service charge.
(1/2 Cello Bow rehairs only $20)

I am very happy that Craig did a incredible job ,bring my mini cello back to alive!
I will definitely go back in the near future for my full size cello!
Los Angeles, CA ★★★★★
# 18
Tuesday, 07/23/2019
Pete J.
Craig rehaired my cello bows in record time, with excellent quality bow hair. I asked for a blend of salt'n pepper and the man was gracious and affordable.

Craig is a man of few words, and I sense serious passion in his work! It was a pleasure to find some laughter with him, and I believe he keeps prices affordable there thru his very precise hours. Thank you for your integrity and and craftsmanship, Craig !
East Los Angeles, CA ★★★★★
# 17
Tuesday, 05/21/2019
Stephanie M.
Love coming to Callier-Scollard violins to rehair my bows! He always has time for me when I walk in. Does great work for all my bows! I bring my Coda bows and wooden ones as well!! Price is the greatest! And he can even rush and rehair a bow in a couple hours for a great price! Appreciate his work!
Pasadena, CA ★★★★★
# 16
Sunday, 04/28/2019
Jinny B.
Strings of my daughter's cello that we are renting from elsewhere got super loose due to high heat in my car and I brought it to Callier-Scollard Violins since it was the closest one and the reviews were good. Craig fixed it perfectly and quickly as soon as I brought in the cello. Craig seems knowledgeable and skilled.
Pasadena, CA ★★★★★
# 15
Monday, 02/11/2019
Moses D.
As a violinist, an Artist, a collector of fine violins and someone who has his own TV show, I highly recommend this violin shop for all your musical needs!! In the past Luthia Craig has really impressed me with his knowledge in the arts of violin making. I own three great violins ranging from $100k to $2500.00 and he's been able to handle all that was needed to be done. Especially my 1850's Austrian violin. It survived a firev and I can't believe he brought it back to life! I also appreciate the fact that he takes his time. I now that when I get my instrument back, it'll be in mint condition. As for his prices, I'm amazed that he refuses to increase it just a little bit!! My advice to him would, know your worth. I wouldn't mind paying a little more.
Thank you Craig!! See you soon.
My 1924 French bow needs rehairing.
Los Angeles, CA ★★★★★
# 14
Thursday, 01/31/2019
Ben G.
Go to shop for this working musician! I no longer go to other shops. Met Craig for rehairs - and he understood how I played and rehaired my bows to address that - instead of telling me I play wrong. I have been taking my instruments to Craig for the last 5 years or more. He has set up one violin for me. Dressed a finger board on my favorite violin. Installed two violins with L.R. Baggs bridge pickups. Always my first recommendation to any violin or fiddle player.
Central LA, Los Angeles, CA ★★★★★
# 13
Thursday, 01/24/2019
Billy K.
I have been going to Callier-Scollard Violin Shop for over 38 years.

I cannot believe Craig is still only charging $22 to rehair the Violin Bows.

Craig is very professional and great at his job. I couldn't say enough good things about him and his shop.

I will continue to send my students and people that ask me where they should go to get their bow rehaired or violin repaired to Craig and Callier-Scollard Violin Shop.

I would give Craig and Callier-Scollard Violin Shop 6 stars if i could ******

Billy Kim - Violinist

- Started Violin at age of 6 in Seoul Korea
- Studied under Alice Schoenfeld / USC 1973-1980
- Studied under Claire Hodgkins 1980-1990
- Teaching assistant to Claire Hodgkins 1986-1990
- Studied under Eugene Nicholas Fodor, Jr 1990-1994 (for international competition preparation)

- Competed in the Paganini International Violin Competition in Genoa Italy 1992 & 1993
- Competed in International Tchaikovsky Violin Competition in Moscow Russia 1994
- Graduated from UCLA in1994 BA in Music (Violin)
Pasadena, CA ★★★★★
# 12
Saturday, 01/19/2019
Irina B.
I had a tuning problem with my Morin khuur instrument and although this instrument is quite different from a violin, Craig took a look at it and repaired my tuning peg free of charge and also provided me with useful tips for tuning that perfectly fixed my problem. I wholeheartedly recommend his expert luthier services!
Temple City, CA ★★★★★
# 11
Monday, 12/17/2018
Michelle T.
I was referred to Craig from Old Town Music after I accidentally dropped my very old violin. It didn't sound the same after the drop and I was very concerned.

Craig was very professional and he figured out the issues right away. He was able to repair my violin very quickly and it actually sounds better now than before the drop. I think he fixed and adjusted some other parts that may have worked itself loose over the years.

He is a very honest and a kind person and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my musician friends, students and colleagues.

I can't believe that I never knew of his store until now. Thank you so much for your help!
Moorpark, CA ★★★★★
# 10
Wednesday, 11/21/2018
Jack W.
Great violin shop. Just from going to this shop twice I was encouraged to learn about violin making after being astonished of what Craig was able to do. Craig is such an amazing expert in his field and I highly recommend this shop to anyone reading.
Moorpark, CA ★★★★★
# 9
Tuesday, 11/20/2018
Greg W.
I couldn't say enough good things about this violin shop. We started going there because of the low price to get our inexpensive bows rehaired when my sons were young. Now they are both accomplished violinists at the collegiate level with fine instruments, and we wouldn't go anywhere else, despite the long drive for us from Ventura County. We could not have purchased instruments anywhere close to quality we got from Callier-Scollard anywhere else for even twice what we paid, and that is not my opinion, but what I've been told by several professional violinists who have played our instruments.
Burbank, CA ★★★★★
# 8
Thursday, 09/20/2018
Moe E.
The review by Katherine E. Is obnoxious and false. We have been going to Craig for over 30 yrs. He is a consummate professional. We knew Paul Collier who originally took the shop from his father. Mr Collier trained Craig and sent him to luthiers in Europe. He is excellently trained and does excellent work. If time was an issue. Sometimes it takes time for excellence. It's amazing that Katherine has time to write such lengthy reviews. I would assume she is not a symphonic or studio musician. Such caliber an artist would not have time. It also sounds as though she may be getting a kick back
Besides being a great luthiers, Craig is kind, thoughtful and caring.
Pasadena, CA ★★★★★
# 7
Friday, 09/14/2018
El C.
Im not sure if I need to be a "violinist" to make my review more influential, but I just want to share my experience simply as a person who enjoys to play violin and found this place where it can fix up my instrument according to my needs. About a year ago, my cousin gave me his violin that he didn't use for 15-years. I took it to the shop where I bought my last cheap violin, but since I didn't buy this one from them, they made my cousin's violin sound like a piece of junk and not worth of anytime to fix. See, here comes the frustration when you're not a musician that you can't invest too much money on instruments but you still want to play.

When I found Craig's shop, it took me a lot of courage to ask him to fix my cousin's violin especially after seeing how many work orders he had. Craig was being very straight forward about what kind of adjustments needed and the prices were very reasonable. After that I've been going there for various reasons: broke the fingerboard from dropping my violin, upgrading my daughter's viola to a bigger size, checking the cello for my other daughter that I bought from another parent. Craig is like a doctor for any string instrument and he is very knowledgeable, reliable and diligent!
Princeton, NJ ★★★★★
# 6
Tuesday, 09/11/2018
Eliza S.
I have been taking my violins to Craig at Callier-Scollard since 1990. I have never met ANY business person who takes better care of their customers than Craig Scollard. For 28 years, he has gone out of his way to handle my needs, from time-sensitive last-minute instrument rental for a concert, to expert luthier work no one else would touch on a unique 6-string electric hollow body violin. He takes an avuncular interest in the success of his clients, and has a heart of gold. I send EVERYONE to him.
Altadena, CA ★★★★★
# 5
Saturday, 08/11/2018
Andi S.
Craig is awesome! I feel like I'm stepping into the workshop of an old world luthier...He can seem a little gruff but will laugh on occasion and he had a really good heart. He is an expert at what he does and his prices a very reasonable. It can get a little hot and crowded during rush times but it's the price we pay for being in such a cool, old haunted building.
Sierra Madre, CA ★★★★★
# 4
Monday, 03/19/2018
Carl R.
Craig is the most experienced, meticulous, reasonably priced, straight-talking luthier I've come across in the Los Angeles area. He works on all orchestral stringed instruments. Excellent work on my bass and cello.

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