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Rent Violin, Viola, and Cello Outfits | Instrument Rentals | Affordable Prices

I rent violin, viola and cello outfits that I have set up for proper playing. That usually includes, fitting a new Aubert bridge, adjusting the nut, adjusting the pegs and soundpost.  Renting is a good way to start an instrument because it gives you or your child the opportunity to see if you have an aptitude and love for an instrument.

I need a security deposit and the first month rent for rental instruments. The first month rental payment and the security deposit can be applied towards the purchase price at 100%. You get 50% credit on all subsequent rental payments that can be applied towards the purchase price of the instrument.

Here is a basic violin rental example..

To get started, the security deposit for a small size violin outfit is $ 70 and the first two months rent is $ 24.00 (approximately $10.67 + tax $1.33 per month) which totals $ 94.00. Currently, the purchase price is 200 (plus tax), so after the first month you would owe a balance of $ 106.00 (plus tax). If you decided to purchase the instrument. After paying the next months rent of 12 (including tax), you would owe a balance of $ 100.00 (plus tax), if you wanted to purchase the instrument. After the following month, the balance would be $ 94.00 (plus tax).

Full size violin outfits rent for $14 per month including tax and sell for around $250 plus tax and up.

If you decide to purchase the outfit, I allow a trade in credit of 70 towards the next size instrument as long as the violin outfit is still in like new condition, a copy of the receipt may be required.

Small size viola outfits are the same price as violin. Larger full size violas rent for $ 18.00 per month (approximately $ 16.00 + tax $2.00) per month and there is a $ 100.00 security deposit.

Cello outfits rent for $ 35.00 per month (approximately $ 31.11 + $ 3.89 tax) per month and there is a $ 300.00 security deposit.

For a easy and simple payment option, you can use our Paypal subscription payment that starts when your next payment is due. That way your account is simply charged each month for the rental fee.

Optional Violin Accessories

If the violin player can play in tune or has a good ear, the strings can be upgraded to Synthetic Core Strings that are similar to Dominant for an additional $ 12 plus tax. Dominant strings are an even better option, currently they cost about $ 50 for a set.

Collapsable lightweight almumin Music Stands are around $ 21

Adjustable collapsable Sholder Rests are $ 12 (for beginner students that are not sure about playing can use a sponge and rubber band, then later upgrade to a real shoulder rest)

Combination Electronic Tuner and Metronomes are around $ 20. It's always best to have the violin tuning checked before your child starts to practice. That way their intonation is better and their ear gets accustomed to the correct pitch of each note. If you practice with an out of tune instrument, it's difficult because although your fingers are pushing down in the correct spot, the note is wrong and your mind can not easily make a small adjustment to correct the pitch.

Another alternative is to download a free chromatic tuning app on your cell phone. For small children parents should help them tune the instrument. If they always practice in tune their playing will improve more quickly.


Violin Size

As a general rule, the way you size an instrument is to hold the violin in playing position. Then have your left arm completely straight at the elbow and wrist with your fingers straight and your palm up. The violin scroll should end in the palm, just before your fingers. Some teachers like the violin a little on the small side and other teachers don't mind if it's a tad too big, so because of that I defer to their size recommendation.

Comments (6)
violin rental...nicer instrument?
# -34
Monday, 06/12/2023
Amy K.
Hello. My daughter is traveling to LA area from Fort Worth. She is playing her violin at a local church for about three weeks while she is visiting there. She would rather not travel with her violin and wanted to rent one if possible. Do you rent anything nicer than a regular student violin? We have insurance, of course. Thank you!
Violin Rentals
Saturday, 07/15/2023
Craig Scollard
Amy, At theis time I only rent decent student violin outfits.
Thanks, Craig
Renting a violin for a new student
# -35
Tuesday, 01/24/2023
Beatrice Casini

My son expressed interest in trying out the violin (he plays piano and has a good ear). I haven't found a teacher or classes yet but I have some leads. Do you have any violins for rent right now (probably a full size as Logan is 12 and about 5'9")?...or any recommendations for instruction?

I will try to come into the shop with him sometime this week. Any guidance you can offer would be most appreciated.

All the Best,
Beatrice Casini & Logan Raines
E-cello (practice cello)
# -36
Friday, 09/09/2016
Veronica Buckley
Do you have an E-cello (practice cello) for rent? Thank you.
Still can't get paypal to work
# -37
Sunday, 08/14/2016
Andres G.
I can't get paypal to work - i always get an error after authenticating into PayPal.

Is there a way for me to initiate the recurring payment from scratch in Paypal (without using your links from your website)?

This is for payment of a single violin rented for Malena & Alexa G.

Paypal's Dual Authentication
Monday, 08/15/2016
Craig Scollard

I believe we talked on the phone about this PayPal problem. Most likely when you use Paypal's dual authentication to log in, it changes your Paypal's session ID and then you don't have access to the session that the link created. Since this happens on the Paypal web site, I don't have any way to fix their problem.

rent a full size 4/4 violin
# -38
Tuesday, 02/10/2015
surja handoko
Kindly pick us a good one. I will drop by during your office hour tomorrow
Cello Rental and Repair
# -39
Monday, 09/23/2013
susan bagley
My son is going to be playing the Cello at school and I bought him a cello but one of our dogs ate the bridge. so now I need to rent one so he can start and get the purchased cello fixed.

Can you help me?

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