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Rehairing a Bow: Steps, Tips and Services | Callier-Scollard Violin Shop

Here are the general steps to rehair a bow. Violin bows are still $ 22 if you leave them for one week. I can do them sooner if needed but I charge a little extra. This one week service allows me to spread out the amount of rehairs I do so that it's more manageable.

  1. Inspect the stick
  2. Cut out the hair leaving about 4 inches at each end
  3. Clean the metal of the frog and the button
  4. Clean the winding
  5. Glue the thumb grip if it's loose
  6. Remove the tip block
    • Usually the block can be wiggled out, but care needs to be taken because the tip mortice is delicate.
    • If the block is stuck carefully drill a small hole in it's center and whittle away the block from the center out. More Info
  7. Clean the stick
  8. If necessary adjust how snug the frog fits on the stick. More Info
  9. Carefully remove the ferrule ring
    • If it's too tight, keep pulling the hairs out until the wedge is loose
    • Ugh, the tongue is missing, what to do? More Info
  10. Remove the slide
    • If the slide is stuck, putting a little rosin dust on your thumb might give enough friction to push the slide out
    • If the slide has been glued in it can be removed by injecting a little water under the slide and carefully applying a little heat. More Info
    • Ugh, you take the slide out and one edge of the frog just falls off. What to do More Info.
  11. Lubricate the slide slot with a pencil so it's easier to remove the next time.
    • Care needs to be taken even with the simple process of lubricating the slot, hold the frog between your fingers so there is no outward pressure on the frog.
  12. Remove the block from the frog.
    • If the block is stuck, drill a small hole in the center and whittle it away. More Info
  13. Cut the block for the frog's mortise, matching the length of the block mortise minus the thickness of the hair. Most of the time if I rehaired it last time I can reuse the block.
  14. Select the correct amount of horse hair for the bow
  15. Tie the hair very tightly with very strong cotton blend thread using the correct length for the block mortise hole
  16. Cut the hair and tap the end into some crushed rosin
  17. Burn the end of the hair
  18. Put the hair into the block mortise hole so that it's flat and snug in the mortise
  19. Put crushed rosin on the end of the block.
  20. Push the block into the block mortise hole.
  21. The hair will be flipped over the block. It should fit very snugly. Give a little pull on the hair to make sure the block does not move.
    • If necessary, you can make a final adjustment to the amount of hair by cutting a few hairs out next to the block
  22. Replace the slide into the slots on the frog.
  23. Replace the ferrule ring.
  24. Make a new wedge. Some people reuse wedges but most of the time they will not fit correctly, so I always make a new wedge
  25. Spread the hair across the ring and test the wedge. It should fit tightly and keep the hair evenly spaced
  26. Next measure how far the frog need to be back from the grip.
  27. Make the tip block
  28. Comb the hair so that the comb runs smoothly through the hair
  29. Wet the hair but don't let water get next to the wedge
  30. Comb the hair and keep an even pressure
  31. Hold the hair with one hand and tie the hair just after the tip block mortise.
  32. Once the correct hair length is set, finish tying to the knot to correct length using a very strong cotton blend thread
  33. Cut the hair after the cotton blend tied knot
  34. Tamp the end of the hair into crushed rosin and then burn the ends of the horse hair.
  35. The width of the tie should allow the hair to get pushed into the tip block hole but be snug.
  36. Comb the hair again using an even amount of pressure
  37. Hold the hair between your fingers keeping the hair even.
  38. Flip the hair over and put the tied end into the block mortise
  39. Put rosin on the end of the block and push it in over the hair
  40. The hair should be even
  41. Lubricate the bow screw
  42. Flip the hair back over and replace the frog
  43. Tighten up the hair a little
  44. At this point if needed, the hair can be adjusted slightly
  45. Keep the bow at a little bit of tension while the hair is drying. Do not allow water to wick into the wedge
  46. After about an hour adjust the tension again on the stick because as hair dries it gets a little shorter
  47. After the hair is dry, apply powdered rosin to violin, viola and cello bows. I don't rosin bass bows.

Comments (8)
return shipping
# -32
Friday, 08/26/2022
Benoy Sarkar
Post office could not tell me the exact return shipping cost. So I included a $45 check for the total cost including labor. If that is not enough please let me know. Thank you.
more bows
# -33
Tuesday, 04/19/2022
Allen Johnson
I want to sent 4 or 5 bows to be rehaired from out of state. Do you take paypal or do you prefer a check?. There may be some frog or grip repairs needed, so I will not know the price until you have seen them.
Florence SC
I have sent you bows at least twice before and was very pleased. I work with students,and cannot afford $60 a bow for work you do expertly for $22
Saturday, 05/14/2022
Craig Scollard

You can send me a check for the repairs plus the shipping. Most customers get the shipping price from the post office and then slip a check into the box that includes the rehair plus the shipping while they are in line.

Violin Bow Rehair
# -34
Tuesday, 02/22/2022
Robin J W
I have a bow that has been in storage for years and It needs a rehairing. Do you still rehair bows for $22 plus the return shipping?
Bow Rehairing Price
Thursday, 04/14/2022
Craig Scollard

As of April 2022, I'm still charging only $22 plus return shipping.

Rehair with provided hair
# -35
Tuesday, 01/05/2021
Lisa A DAngelo
I have a violin bow that need to be rehaired. Also, if it is at all possible I would like to provide the horse hair. Also, this bow has an ivory frog. If that affects the price. Please advise.

Thank you,
Lisa D'Angelo
Using Your Horse Hair
Saturday, 04/24/2021
Craig Scollard

Sure just send it along with the bow and I'll use your hair. it just needs to be good quality, the bunch is big enough and the hair is an adequate length.

Viola bow rehair
# -36
Wednesday, 09/09/2020
Abbie A
Hi, I have one viola bow I need rehaired. I need to send them via USPS, they’ll be coming back to Tempe, AZ 85281. Can you tell me how much return shipping you’ll need me to include on the check? Thank you kindly.
Return Shipping
Wednesday, 09/09/2020
Craig Scollard
Its difficult to estimate the return shipping cost, but it might be around $10. For an exact price have them weigh it get the shipping cost and then slip a check in the box to cover the price of the rehair $22 + the return shipping cost.
violin bow rehair
# -37
Friday, 06/26/2020
Just wonder if you are still up and running and if you can rehair a violin bow for us. Thinking that mailing might be the easiest way to get it to you. Maybe my daughter can drop it off Saturday or Monday if you are still in business.
I left you a voicemail also.
Please advise. Thanks
Violin Bow
Tuesday, 06/30/2020
Craig Scollard
If you drop it off I can ship the bow back using USPS Priority mail.
violin bow rehair
# -38
Wednesday, 10/09/2019
Greg C.
I have two violin bows that need to be re-haired. I will send them to you by USPS mail (from Portland Oregon). Can I pay you the re-hair cost of $44 plus the retuned postage by Paypal? Or I have to enclose a check of the right amount in the package?

Thank you for your help.

Return Shipping
Tuesday, 11/12/2019
Craig Scollard
When you are at the post office get the shipping cost then just add the shipping amount to the $44 rehair fee and slip the check into the box.

Bow rehair
# -39
Wednesday, 06/16/2010
Judith Aller
Today I picked up my bow and was reminded that it has been two years since the last rehair job was done.
The hair and workmanship remain outstanding and that's why I didn't need to come in until now. The bow plays just as I want it to with the new hair. Another perfect fit. No matter how far you travel to take your violin or bow to Craig Scollard, it's worth the trip and time.


Judith Aller

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