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Loose bow wrapping

When rehairing bows, sometimes the wrapping and the grip is loose. For those I do a quick fix and repair the existing wrapping.

  • With this example the end of the wrapping was secure.
  • Slide the grip off
  • Work wood glue into the wrapping
  • Tighten by spinning the wrap in your fingers until its tight
  • Remove excess glue
  • Wrap the winding with thread using a wide overlapping pattern.
  • Then next day, remove the thread and clean excess glue off the wrapping
  • Work glue into the grip and around the wrapping where the grip will be positioned.
  • Slidg eht grip back into place, check the position with the frog
  • Wrap the grip with thread and let dry for one day.
IMG 20230911 170737 756 IMG 20230911 170737 756
IMG 20230911 171531 411 IMG 20230911 171531 411
IMG 20230912 102721 729 IMG 20230912 102721 729
IMG 20230912 103513 572 IMG 20230912 103513 572


Loose Glasser Plastic Tube "Wrap" After a while these plastic tube wraps fail because they have stretched out a little bit and the original glue no longer holds. The quickest fix I have found is to wrap two bands of masking tape near the ends of the tube. Build up the tape until you can slide the tube over the wrap and it's snug. Then put some CA glue one the tape bands and slide the tube back into the correct position, using a slight twist when placing in the correct spot spreads the glue more evenly.


IMG 20230707 155944 419 IMG 20230707 155944 419
IMG 20230707 160016 742 IMG 20230707 160016 742

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