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Saddle Cracks

Saddle cracks are normally caused because the ebony saddle has been fit too tight. There should be a very small space on both sides of the saddle so that when the top contracts or the saddle expands slightly there is a little extra room.

Normally if you remove the saddle and unglue the top from the block and the lower ribs the crack will come back together and it can be reglued. Then simply shorten the saddle and reglue the seams and then the saddle..

Comments (2)
saddle pulled up and folded over
# -18
Monday, 09/29/2014
Don C.
Now off. need trimming + fittings, reset. make useable and survive tension+pull of tailgut + tailpiece..need a repair/fix job..
saddle crack
# -19
Tuesday, 04/24/2012
what is the main cost to repair a saddle crack and do you always have to remove the top to fix the crack
Repair of saddle cracks
Wednesday, 04/25/2012
Craig Scollard
If it's a new crack and not too long, it can be repaired from the outside. The saddle needs to be removed and at least one seam opened. If the saddle can be reused then the cost could be as low as 30 but I really need to see the violin to give a good estimate.

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