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Cello Neck Repair

Here is a cello neck that was sheared off. Since it was an inexpensive cello with centimental value, I repaired it without doing a neck graft. Here are some work in progress pictures.

DSC00101 DSC00101
DSC00102 DSC00102
DSC00103 DSC00103
DSC00106 DSC00106
DSC00108 DSC00108
DSC00109 DSC00109


I fix a lot of cello necks but usually don't take any photos because it's fairly straight forward. Here is on where it was broken at quite an angle.

IMG 20171101 135603 IMG 20171101 135603
IMG 20171111 145736 IMG 20171111 145736


Tip for measuring a neck to make sure it's in the center.

IMG 20220512 121804 836 IMG 20220512 121804 836
IMG 20220512 121832 223 IMG 20220512 121832 223
IMG 20220512 121850 142 IMG 20220512 121850 142


Here is a another cello with a broken next.  I have fixed hundreds of these. Three screwed pins at the correct angle and lenght works the best. Also clamping so that you are not fighting gravity makes things a lot easier. Once the end grain has been flattened to match the fingerboard, it's dyed black and sealed.

IMG 20220108 172605 618 IMG 20220108 172605 618
IMG 20220108 174217 545 IMG 20220108 174217 545
IMG 20220108 174349 280 IMG 20220108 174349 280
IMG 20220109 150100 871 IMG 20220109 150100 871
IMG 20220109 151643 054 IMG 20220109 151643 054
IMG 20220109 153244 653 IMG 20220109 153244 653
IMG 20220110 112109 737 IMG 20220110 112109 737
IMG 20220114 125918 128 IMG 20220114 125918 128
IMG 20220114 130018 860 IMG 20220114 130018 860

Comments (3)
Broken cello neck
# 3
Wednesday, 10/28/2020
My cello bag strap snapped and had a hard fall. The neck is completely broken off and of course, the strings and bridge are off. I am wondering about the approximate cost. I need it fixed asap I have a recording coming up.
Repairing a broken Cello neck.
Thursday, 11/05/2020
Craig Scollard
Zanyah, Cello necks can be securly repaired. Usually the cost is between $75 - $100 if the fingerboard does not need to be removed.
Cello repair
# 2
Wednesday, 04/29/2020
Wendy Jacobs
Hi I have a beautiful sentimental cello that had a little d fall and now has a small crack just under the base of the head. I was wondering if it is possible to fix and approximate price?

Cello Scroll Repair
Friday, 05/29/2020
Craig Scollard

From your description it seems like it's a fairly minor repair. Without seeing the cello it's diffucult to give an estimate. If it's a very small crack just gluing it might be sufficient, my guess would be $35. If it's a large crack it might need to be glued and pinned which would cost about $75.

cello neck snapping
# 1
Wednesday, 06/19/2019
HELP my cello neck is snapping. we figured because of the pressure from the pegbox and strings. My fingerboard needed adjusting. iv only had it for 2 days though. How long will this take to fix because I have a concert coming up.
Repairing Broken Cello Necks
Saturday, 06/22/2019
Craig Scollard

From your description I'm guessing that the heal of the neck is cracked. If there is no visible crack and the fingerboard height has moved then the neck could be pulling out of the body.

Usually a cello neck can support the pressure from the strings unless there is a flaw in the wood, it was dropped or damaged during shipping. The reason the fingerboard needs adjusting is because of the crack, once it's repaired the string height should be correct.

If it's a student cello, the best way to repair the cello neck is to glue and pin it and after that type of repair the neck is very solid and secure. A repair for a student cello is about $75 and because I'm busy it takes a week or two to repair it.


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