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Violin and Viola Neck Reshaping: Tips and Techniques

Violin and Viola necks can be reshaped so that they are easier to play. Here are a few steps that show different stages of reducing the nexk size. 

  • Have the customer show you a neck that they think is comfortable.
  • Feel the shape of th neck so you have a mental picture of the shape
  • Take measurements near the nut, both width and thickness
  • Take mesurements near the heal of the neck, width and thickness
IMG 20161119 172501 IMG 20161119 172501
IMG 20161119 173910 IMG 20161119 173910
IMG 20161123 130405 IMG 20161123 130405
IMG 20161123 130415 IMG 20161123 130415
IMG 20161130 120658 IMG 20161130 120658


  1. Thin down the sides of the neck using a knife and file. This should be straight
  2. Thin down the center of the neck
  3. Modkfy the curves at the heal and nut using a template
  4. Draw a center line
  5. Use a good wrasp to remove most of the wood.
  6. Once the shape is getting close, switch to a flat file
  7. Sand the neck with 100 grit
  8. Wet and after it's dry sand again
  9. Switch to 220 repeat the process of sanding and wetting
  10. Switch to 400 sand and wet until the neck feels very smooth
  11. Use 0000 Steel Wool
  12. Color the neck so it looks old.
  13. Rub a light oil onto the neck using 0000 Steel Wool,
  14. Remove excess oil.

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