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Peg Hole Crack Repair and Adjustment for Violins, Violas, and Cellos

When a crack runs through a peg hole, the best way to repair that is to first line up the crack and glue it. Then fit a spiral bushing for the hole. Glue the bushing in then trim off the excess bushing. Using masking tape on the outside cheeks of the peg box speeds up the process and protects the scroll. Once you have it trimmed to the thickness of the masking tape, the final adjustment is fairly easy.

IMG 20230309 132019 958 IMG 20230309 132019 958
IMG 20230309 132036 768 IMG 20230309 132036 768
IMG 20230309 132053 044 IMG 20230309 132053 044
IMG 20230309 132256 393 IMG 20230309 132256 393
IMG 20230311 142350 801 IMG 20230311 142350 801
IMG 20230311 142403 282 IMG 20230311 142403 282
IMG 20230311 142415 040 IMG 20230311 142415 040


This was a viola where the pegs were originally lined up incorrectly. The "D" and the "G" strings rubbed on the other pegs. To correct this problem, the "A" peg was moved down 2mm and the "D" peg was moved up 2mm. First the boxwood bushings were fitted, then the outside faces were carefully made flush with the peg box. Then the new holes were drilled and the pegs were fitted. Then there was a slight amount of varnish touch up to make the boxwood a matching color to the original varnish.

IMG 20151230 120306 IMG 20151230 120306
IMG 20160107 171659 IMG 20160107 171659


Here is a violin that had a very old style friction peg, plus it had previously had geared pegs installed. The holes needed to be bushed with a spiral bushing and then some new pegs installed.

IMG 20160229 113407 IMG 20160229 113407
IMG 20160314 110831 IMG 20160314 110831
IMG 20160322 103230 IMG 20160322 103230
IMG 20160404 122912 IMG 20160404 122912


A customer brought in a cello where the "D" peg was solidly glued together. It would not turn. I managed to get it out of the peg box. Since she wanted the pegs to match, I looked around and found that same style old peg. They are a mixture of metal and plastic with a bushing that's similar to the Caspari style. I installed the used page but about a week later it started to fail.

I took it apart and realized that the plastic part of the peg was slipping aghenst the metal part of the peg. There are fine slots on the metal and plastic that when engagued don't slip. In this case the plastic slots were stripped out.

I took the peg apart and carefully glued it back together. Here are a couple of photos.

IMG 20220124 115654 344 IMG 20220124 115654 344
IMG 20220125 101401 513 IMG 20220125 101401 513


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