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Virzi Tone Producer

Here is an interesting Virzi Tone Producer bass bar addition on a small viola that's owned by H.C.


DSC00162 2 DSC00162 2
DSC00163 2 DSC00163 2
DSC00164 DSC00164
DSC00181 DSC00181

Comments (1)
Vitzi Tone Producer
# 1
Wednesday, 01/11/2017
I picked up an old, none working violin with one of these adaptions and was wondering what it was for. How does this device change the sound of the instrument? Sound-wise, would it be worth setting up the violin with this addition intact?
How does it sound
Monday, 02/13/2017
Craig Scollard
The customer that owns the violin has had it for a long time and likes the way it sounds. As a general rule, I think a regular bass bar is better because it has stood the test of time.

I would set your instrument up using the Vitzi bass bar and see how it sounds.

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