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Morin Khuur

Here is a Morin Khuur instrument (2 string fiddle) from Mongolia.

When I took a look at the soft wood peg there was a small lip that did not allow the peg to go into the peg box. I adjusted that and the peg worked as expected. Even with the peg working correctly, you could not tune it up to pitch. Since Irina had an extra set of strings, I suggested that she remove a couple strans of the string and try tuning again. Then repeat the process until the string can get tuned up to pitch and that it sounds good.

In the end, she removed 80 and 40 strands from right and left string, bringing down the strand count to 135 and 160 which matched the strand count of her spare set of strings.


image1 image1
image2 image2

Comments (2)
Morin Huur re-stringing
# 2
Friday, 10/07/2022
David Chao
Hello Craig,
I own 3 morin huurs, and 3 bows. Two morin huurs need new strings, as the original horse hairs have been snapping. I also would like to re-string one bow, same issue.

Do you think you can help me? What what price do you put on your services?

Thank you.

David Chao
# 1
Wednesday, 12/19/2018
Irina B
I recently purchased morin khuur instrument (2 string fiddle) from Mongolia. However, I am not able to tune one of the strings - peg for that string is just impossible to turn beyond G ( while I need it to go to Bb). It might be wood problems due to different climate as in Mongolia it was working perfectly.

Would it be possible to bring the instrument to your shop to see if there is anything that can be done to fix it?

Thank you,
Morin Khuur
Wednesday, 12/19/2018
Craig Scollard

Sure I can take a look at it.

I'm not really familiar with that instrument but if it has friction pegs like a violin you can try loosening the string. Perhaps the string is wound too tight on the peg,make sure the way the string is wound isn't interfering with the tuning. After that try tuning again and see if it works correctly.

Morin Khuur
Friday, 12/21/2018
Irina B
Hi Craig,

Just wanted to thank you!
I followed your advice that you gave me yesterday and I cut out a few hairs from the string that couldn’t be tuned. After that I was able to tune it properly with ease and the instrument now sounds amazing! Really thank you so much for all your help!

All the best,

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